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Women’s philanthropy
is about more than money

If you are a leader in higher education, private schools, or a nonprofit organization, fundraising and volunteer engagement ignite your mission.

At Spark, we specialize in inspiring women’s philanthropy.


Cannie Campbell, MPH, MA/EdS is the founder and principal of Spark Women’s Philanthropy, a firm dedicated to empowering the engagement and philanthropy of women. With 25 years of diverse experience in higher education, leadership, and volunteerism, as well as her expertise in women’s philanthropy, Cannie is an accomplished consultant, speaker, scholar, writer, and strategic thought partner. A leader in her field, she is relational, intuitive, and authentic and brings a spark to her work that is unmatched. Cannie is committed to changing the face of philanthropy and further engaging women as empowered, philanthropic change agents.

In addition to her consulting practice, Cannie works at James Madison University, serving as both the Associate Vice President of Constituent Engagement and Executive Director of Women for Madison. She is a proud and passionate founding member of the Women’s Philanthropy Alliance (WPA.)

Cannie Campbell
Cannie CampbellFounder & Principal

“Cannie sparked a transformational philanthropic movement in our Women for Madison community at JMU. Together, we are harnessing the collective power of women’s philanthropy to unlock a JMU education that may otherwise be out of reach for many promising and deserving students. Cannie’s vision, leadership and focus on impact is the engine behind this effort at JMU and her passion for this work makes her a powerful ally to have in your corner.
Jamie Jones Miller | Chair, Women for Madison Executive Advisory Council

Spark Women’s Philanthropy

Why women?

With increasing diversity among donors and volunteers, the smart move is to rethink the dated fundraising practices of the past, which were based on appealing to just one demographic: white men. To create a successful philanthropic future with significant impact, you’ll need to influence and redirect organizational and individual attitudes, approaches and actions.

“Women give more than men, and when they give, they give differently than men. You can unlock new possibilities by reframing your approach to respond to women — of all backgrounds and identities — who care about your mission.”  Kathleen Loehr, Author of Gender Matters: A GUIDE TO GROWING WOMEN’S PHILANTHROPY

You now have the chance to seize new opportunities (or those that may have been overlooked for decades). But you may not be sure how to start. Or you‘ve tried to shift, and it’s not delivering the results you hoped for or that your peers are seeing. Spark Women’s Philanthropy is here to help.

Spark Women’s Philanthropy Consulting


Engage Spark Women’s Philanthropy for just a day or for a sustained partnership to help you design, implement and enliven your women’s philanthropy initiative. So you can build engagement, leadership and giving, I will coach you one-on-one or partner with your organization to help you

  • analyze your data
  • connect with influential stakeholders who want to help
  • create strategies and benchmarks, and 
  • implement practical actions that lead to long-term growth.


When you and your colleagues are ready to take the essential first actions to better resonate with women, our interactive workshops provide core training. Ideal for development committees, boards, fundraising units, and cross-functional teams who want to become more intentional about energizing women’s philanthropy, our general and breakout sessions explore 

  • the business imperative of engaging women meaningfully in the life of your organization, 
  • research implications for your particular organizational practices and approaches, and 
  • strategies specific to your organization for developing a strong pipeline of women who will create impact for your mission.
Women's Philanthropy Workshops
Cannie Campbell delivers compelling and inspiring keynote presentations on women's philanthropy

Keynote Speaking

To introduce your team or organization’s leaders to the important principles of sparking women’s philanthropy, Spark will tailor a presentation for your group. Your audience will leave with a deep understanding of

  • compelling research on gender differences in charitable giving behavior, including the powerful intersection of gender, race and philanthropy;
  • how organizations that changed their approach to resonate more deeply with women have gained significant results; and
  • how to translate the research into adapted fundraising behaviors to significantly grow the support from your donors and volunteers who identify as women.

Have something else in mind? Need help assessing your organization’s potential with women’s philanthropy? Want to find out about cost or just stay in touch? Contact us.